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"Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself, it is what you do for others"
Danny Thomas - founder St Jude Hospital

Mission, Vision, Statement of Purpose, Aims and Objectives

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Qardho Mental Health Center


The Somalia Mental Health Foundation will serve as a pivotal none profit organization in Somalia that provides services and guidance for people with mental health conditions. The service will be based on the following activities:

  • Human resource development that will be the cornerstone for the delivery of a simplified health care service that is integrated to the existing primary health care service.
  • Organize Seminars and Workshops on mental health issues for general medical practitioners, school teachers, health workers, other community leaders and opinion makers.
  • Conduct research on various psycho-social and general health related issues including survey on prevalence of psychiatric morbidity and clinical depression in low-income areas of Somalia ,
  • Carry out surveys on attitudes and beliefs among community members about mental illness, and demographic and diagnostic data on patients who are seen at the clinic.
  • Organize training and workshops in self-empowerment and psycho-social wellness for women and girls in low income areas.
  • Set up of mental health camps where psychiatric consultation and medicines are provided free-of-charge.
  • Raise awareness about violence against women and girls and its impact on their mental health


To build and sustain a mental health capacity in Somalia through mental illness management and research, development of locally-tailored programs and working with governmental and non-governmental agencies in mental health issues.


  • Promote and understnding of mental health issues in Somalia and aboard
  • Work for the development of adequate facilities and highly qualified mental health professionals for the diagnosis and treatment of mental, neurological and psycho-social disorder and awareness about their  treatability.
Advise the Somali government and international organizations working in the field of mental health
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